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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Stodels Kenilworth - Feast for the eye...

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I think it's safe to say that the Winter is in the past and Summer are here, but it seems that we do have a few wet days in between.  I'm not the type of woman that likes the gloomy weather, I like spending time outdoors even if it's just to walk to the post box or sometimes taking photos on a lovely sunny day! 

Stodels Kenilworth

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Bramley Coconut & Vanilla | Gifts from Nature Range

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Good Morning! 

Who has told you that Christmas is over!? If I'm not mistaken I believe we still have a few days left until 6th January to still feel that Chrismassy vibe! 

I just have the products to let those vibes of Christmas last a bit longer for you! 

Bramley Coconut & Vanilla | Gifts from Nature Range

I was so excited when I have opened these goodies!  Oh my word, they smell just like Christmas that was being captured in these goodies from Bramley

Bramley Coconut and vanilla Tissue Oil

 Bramley Coconut & Vanilla Tissue Oil - R 22.90

Pamper your skin with this luxurious blend of Nature's riches, therapeutic oils.  A true 'gift from nature' in helping to prevent stretch marks and assisting with an improvement in skin texture and tone. The silky soft, yet rich texture, spreads easily and is quickly absorbed resulting in a smoother, softer and more radiant skin. 

I have added a little tissue oil to my bath water and you can imagine that the room has smelled amazing! That was such a relaxing bath that I hadn't had in a very long time. 

I have also used the tissue oil to give my cuticles some extra TLC or you can also use this product to apply it directly unto your skin! 

This bottle is worth every penny! 

Bramley Coconut and vanilla Hand Cream

Bramley Coconut and Vanilla Hand Cream - R 15.99

This therapeutic hand treatment contains a wonderful blend of coconut oil and vanilla extract, to help improve hand, nail and cuticle condition. 

A lux 'gift from nature' in a tube, with a silky soft, yet rich texture, that spreads easily and is quickly absorbed.  What's more the sweet, heavenly scent is utterly delicious and will linger on your hands for hours. 

I have used the hand cream for a while now and I can tell you that my hands are feeling soft and smooth.  The hand cream is always at my bedside table so every night I use this on my hands, but I can't say that the scent lasts for hours since I'm busy during the day with a various task. 

Bramley Coconut and Vanilla Body Butter
Bramley Coconut and Vanilla Body Butter - R 17.99

Treat your skin to the therapeutic nourishment of Nature's riches oils.  This unique blend of coconut oil and vanilla extract has a luxurious silky feel and is quickly absorbed.  The restorative combination improves skin texture and tone. Your skin will feel silky smooth, intensely hydrated, radiant and lightly perfumed with a seductive fragrance. 

Just before bedtime, I like to use a body butter it makes me feel pampered...

These products are available at Pep Home Stores. 

I have received these products from Freebees PR & Marketing

Thursday, 20 December 2018


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To be honest I wasn't going to enter the SA Blog Awards this year, but some have told me that I write very well... 

Vote for me in the sa blog awards

So I have decided to enter this year. If you liked the content that I have blogged this year then I would appreciate if you would vote for me via this link: 

In order to confirm your vote you would receive an confirmation 
e-mail that you need to click on and if you click on another blog in the Lifestyle or Religious/Spirituality category after you voted for Blue Poinsettia it would be discounted. 

Thank you for reading this post and especially if you have voted for me. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Scratch Patch | Waterfront

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I remember the days that my Mom used to take us to Scratch Patch when we were little. We used to take the train back then.  It was always fun to pick out your little gemstones...

Scratch Patch | Waterfront
I always wanted to visit Scratch Patch again and this time I thought that it would be great that my Dad went along with me, since he always heard about the place.  He could never visit this place with us when I was little, since he had to work. 

So we decided that Tuesday we would go to the Waterfront branch, since I can't remember that I've been there before, but apparently my Mom have informed me that I was. 

If I could give you some advice regarding where to park. Scratch patch are located near the Portswood Parking bay. Click here to view the tariff rates.  

Scratch Patch | Waterfront

When we have arrived at Scratch Patch it looked so much different than it used to be. In the early years the stones was scattered in a room as I could remember, but I must confess I like this layout much better.  It looks more realistic with the different Murial's that are painted. 

Here are my dad sitting on a piece of rock and he looks at the different pieces of gemstones all around him and keeping my belongings, while I'm on my stomach searching for my little stones that are going in my little pocket. 

The small bags cost R 22.00 
Click here to view Scratch Patch Opening hours and prices for various size bags.

My little bags of Gemstones! I have found some gemstones that I've never seen before!! At some point I will visit Scratch Patch again, since I want to find the rest from the chart. 

My Gemstones from Scratch Patch

I have decided to put all my gemstones in this heart shaped basket! Doesn't it look beautiful to display it like this? 

Scratch Patch are a place for the very young and those that have a love for rocks! I'm in my early thirties and I still like to look at my little rocks and do seek information where they came from.

It's fascinating to discovering that the Rose Quartz are a soothing colour and means commitment and caring. It's also the colour of love obviously and I think this would be an great way to give someone that you care about very much a bracelet or a necklace.  

It's the holidays and what better way then to take your kids to the Scratch Patchit would keep those little fingers busy...

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Bramley Butterfly Garden Gift Set

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We feel the pressure each day as the Festive Season are getting closer...  Deadlines that must be met and we just can't wait for the last working day for the year to arrive! 

A time to sit back and relax and what better way than with the Butterfly Garden gift set to get you in the right mood! 

Bramley Butterfly Gift Set
AVAILABILITY: Pep Home  | PRICE: ZAR44.99 | BRAND: Bramley 

The gift set consist of:
  • 1 x 200ml Moisturising Shower Gel
  • 1 x 100ml Nourishing Tissue Oil
  • 1x Shower Scrunchie 
Butterfly Garden Tissue Oil (Bramley)

Pamper your skin with this luxurious blend of oils.  Regular application can help prevent stretch marks, assist with an improvement in skin tone and promote a smoother, softer and more radiant skin. 

I absolutely loved the Butterfly Garden Tissue Oil the most from this gift set.   I have added a few drops of the Tissue Oil to my bath water.  My skin loved it! The following day I still felt that my skin are smooth and soft with a tint of the aroma of the Tissue Oil. 

You can also apply the Butterfly Garden Tissue Oil directly on your skin, and gently massage until your skin have absorbed it completely. 

Tissue Oils are one of the beauty products that I have felt in love with. When you are in a rush or when you don't feel to take the extra time to rub creams or butter to your beauty regime use this instead. 

Tissue Oils are a must have product in my opinion. Here are a complete list of Bramley's beauty tips that you may use and also some other interesting information regarding Tissue Oils. 

Bramley Butterfly Garden Shower Gel

Pamper your skin with this beautiful and gentle flower shower gel. The rich and luxurious formulation will cleanse and moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling soft and delicately scented. 

Here in Cape Town It's Summer time and then I like to take a bath/shower with something that aren't to heavily scented and Bramley have done it with this Butterfly Garden gift set. 

The Butterfly Garden shower gel lathers really well and my skin are cleansed and moisturised what more can a woman ask for!? 

Stay beautiful, 

*I have received these products from Freebees PR & Marketing to test and review.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

CHRISTmas is a day that....

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Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year. How would Christmas feel this year? How should Christmas feel - anyway? I would say that you should feel inspired and be surrounded by people that you feel loved and that you will feel blessed!? 


Like every year we would go to Church and then we would go home and eat lunch and my parents would take a nap afterwards...

For me it's a day that I actually feel alone. It started to feel like this for a really long time okay years ago if I have to be totally honest.  There's something missing in that day for me!! 

I remember one year that I was sitting in Church and I was surrounded with people all around me, but yet felt so alone. Is it just me that feels like that or do you also feel like that at times? 

I not sure that I even want to go to the Church service this year at all, but I definitely know that I want to do the following things on Christmas day! 

Hot Chocolate and Christmas Cookies
Hot Chocolate and Christmas Cookies

As a kid I was never a fan of drinking Hot Chocolate at all! I guess it could be that we never had that in our house.  It's only in 2010 when I started working that I have decided to drink Hot Chocolate that was something that I have purchased with my first salary. I remember it was a Cadbury Hot Chocolate and I have also purchased some Cadbury chocolate and I would break some blocks from the slab and add it to my mug of Hot Chocolate was a very deluxe Hot Chocolate, but so yummy indeed. 

I'm going to enjoy my Christmas Mug of Hot Chocolate with some Candy Canes and Marshmallows. I have recently discovered that the Coco & Vanilla Marshmallows from Beacon are delicious in Hot Chocolate. 

Yes I do have a Christmas Mug!  I believe every person should have a Christmas Mug.  I had one that a student had given me years ago, but I've seen that Pep Stores have some really inspiring ones this year! I have purchased all three designs and they are super affordable too. The other two are part of my parents Christmas presents. 

Later this month I'm going to bake some Christmas Cookies. You would remember that I have mention in one of my previous post that I want to bake some cookies.  Yesterday I have decided what I want to bake and I can hardly wait for payday to arrive so that I can purchase the rest of the ingredients that I will need. 

Christmas relaxing

Watching movies

These days you don't even have to leave the house to watch some movies! I'm going to watch some Christmassy movies on You Tube. I'm loving these inspirational and faith based movies, especially Karen Kingsbury's movie like Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Karen Kingsbury | Sarah's Song
I'm on the hunt for some interesting Christmas books to read this year! Or do you have books that you like to re-read each year during Christmas time!? 

I would encourage you to get a copy of this book from Karen Kingsbury Sarah's Song it's so inspiring, but you will need to keep a box of tissue's at hand. 

Would you like me to do a book review of this book in the near future? Please let me know.  

Journal writing

One of the things that I really want to do that day are to spend time with HIM.  He deserves my full attention where i wont be distracted by electronic devices or with other people around me. Just pure quality time where i can surrender to Him. 

I like to be still and to take my pen and notebook and write to Him. Jesus would love to hear from us personally so that's the ideal time to be still and to really take the time to listen to Him. I know that I haven't done this for some while now. 

Sometimes this might included watching a faith based movie or writing a poem from the heart. These things are just between you and Him. How do you spend quality time with Him? 

I hope that you will have a wonderful Christmas this year! 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Letting Go of a Friendship

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The year 2007 was a year that I mostly never want to have over again - ever! 2007 was the year that I just couldn't cope anymore and everything have just been too much for me...

During December that year I met a friend. I have met the person on-line and slowly my life started to change for the better. I have written a post earlier this year here of how I have met him and also that I have decided to make right with God. 

For a very long time I have always thought of him, especially on days that was very difficult for me and then I would have thought I wonder what he would have said to me. I miss the days that we could have nearly e-talked about anything under the sun. That year he was the person that have gave me the courage to start living again. 

He didn't know that I had depression.  I haven't said anything to him about how I have felt.  During that dark time I have felt so alone that I just wanted a friend that I can talk too.  

Years have gone by and I have always hoped that maybe I would meet him in some strange way, but life doesn't work like that. Real life isnt at all like the movies or even the story books that you read. 

I have came to the conclusion that I should do a proper Spring Cleaning that would remind me of him.  So I have deleted every single message and e-mail that I had from him. It was a bit hard to deleted every e-mail knowingly that it would be gone forever! 

Do you know what was for me the hardest part of it all?  Do pray about this. Some of you might think - huh? But God know's the deepest secrets of our heart.  I know he knows mine and at times that scary to think about!  I can't do this on my own, believe me I have tried and I have failed, since I have treasured the friendship for such a long time that I had to seek Him.  Guiding me - directing my heart!! 

Saying "goodbye" to a friendship that have met the world to you during a period of your life and that have meant the world to you "aint no easy at all!" Yet, it's something that I needed to do to go forward with my life. I can't keep longing to the past it would just give me an aching heart... 

I know that I have had to met you for a reason and that's, because God have allowed this to happemd so that I would be connected with Him. You have planted the seed in my heart and God have let it germinate. 

I just want to say "Thank you" that you were willing that God could use you to save me. My wish for you are that your dream would come true one day.  You are an amazing person - don't change - stay true to who you are! 


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Dove 100 Colours of Africa - invisible anti-perspirant || Review

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Good Morning! 

It's Summer time and nearly the end of the year! It's the festive season and that also means lots of parties that you are invited to attend - right!? 

You dont have to break of a sweat in the freshness department, since I have you covered to stay fresh and confident the whole day! 

Dove 100 Colours of Africa | Invisible dry anti-perspirant spray

I have tried the Dove anti-perspirant out for some time now and I can assure you that you would definitly stay dry and fresh the whole day and, since the Dove anti-perspirant contains a ¼ moisturising cream your underarms would feel softer for longer.  No need to worry about any white marks or any residue on your clothes. 

I was so impressed with the Dove anti-perspirant that I had given my Mom a bottle to try for herself, since she likes to stay with one brand that she have used for years and now she uses Dove on a daily basis! 

Just remember that you have to shake the bottle well before using it, otherwise you might have residue on your clothes. 

Stay fresh! 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Homemade Christmas Cookies - Renewed Christmas Tradition In Our House

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It's December! 
Can you really believe it - time really starts to fly now...

Sometimes I wonder where on earth I come from!? I'm one of those that like to bake Christmas cookies in my own kitchen. I know that you can buy all sort of cookies in the shop, but where are the fun in that? I like to take part in the process. To be creative...

I remember when I was little girl I used to take a cookie cutter and cut the cookies from the dough that my Mom just to make and then when she's not looking I would eat a tiny bit of the raw cookie dough - yummy! Please tell me I wasn't the only one!?!? 

Homemade Christmas Cookies - a new tradition

It's been a long time, since I have made Christmas cookies.  I wanted something different this year than the normal star, moon, and the square etc.  

The Baking Tin Christmas Cookie Cutters

I have surfed the Internet for Christmas cookie cutters and I have found that The Baking Tin  have some great Christmas cookie cutters. I went on Black Friday and I was lucky to have received 10% discount on the ones that they still had in store for Christmas. 

There are a few that was sold out way before I was there. I would have liked to have purchased the Candy Cane, Christmas Tree and the Lamb.  Maybe I would be lucky next year, but know that I do know they sell it I would buy them early in the year. 

I know that I want to bake Choc Chip and Peanut cookies, but I still have to decided what other cookies I want to bake. We have such a lot of Peanut butter so when I have looked in the recipe books I've seen a recipe for a Peanut cookie I want to test that one out. 

Once I have  decided and baked the cookies I'm going to bake I will post the recipe's for you guys to bake yourself. 

Do you also prefer the Christmas themed cutters or doesn't it matter to you?  What are your favourite Christmas cookies to bake?  I would love to know. 

Be blessed, 

Friday, 16 November 2018

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with Vanillia Cream and Oreo Cookie Pieces

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Good Morning! 

It's the weekend! It's time to kick off those shoes and to unwind...right?  What would you like to do in your me time moment?  

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with Vanillia Cream and Oreo Cookie Pieces

My ideal unwind time would be where I can be totally alone and no electronics around me and just to listen to the soft sounds of water that are flowing from the water feature. 

Secondly to lie down on the bed enjoying a lovely chocolate from Cadbury DairyMilk with vanilla cream and Oreo pieces that are melting on my tongue... 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with Vanillia Cream and Oreo Cookie Pieces

It looks mouth watering doesn't it? 
Have you tasted it yet?  

If not why don't you go to your local store and purchase just a small one we all know that the budget are tight, but we need to chill and to forget the stress from the week! So what are you waiting for!? 

May you have an amazing weekend! 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Sunday, 4 November 2018


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I was so excited when I've heard that Beacon have a new flavoured marsmellow on the market! I'm sure that you have seen it on the media...


I have a long relationship with my Marsmellows! It's something that everybody will enjoy from the young to the old.  

I can't even remember when the relationship have started with Mr Marsmellow, since these softies was always a favoured.  My mother used to make in her earlier days a marsmellow dessert for school and church bazaar's.  It was my absolute favoured dessert EVER! 


I have stared to hunt for the new flavoured Bubblegum Marsmellows and could not find them in the bigger store's yet, until until recently I have spot this one in Shoprite and also in Spar


I like the subtle flavour of Bubblegum that come through when you are eating these. Would make excellent DIY smores - a lovely late night snack or even in your cup of White Hot Chocolate! 

How do you like to enjoy your Marsmellows? 
Have you seen them in your local stores yet? 

Stay sweet as your are, 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Cadbury Festive Range

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Can you believe in less than two months we will be celebrating Christmas? I was made aware of that yesterday when I went into the shop yesterday and all the Christmas decorations are already up in the mall! Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? 

If not I'm sure that Chocolate would put anyone in the right mood for Christmas and Cadbury have just that in store for us to put a big smile on our faces from the very young to the old...

Cadbury Festive Range

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


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I was literally jumping for joy when I’ve noticed that Bramley have bought out a Body Spray and Roll on. I’m so impressed with the packaging!  It’s looking really attractive, its eye catching!! 

So when I was in my local Pep Home Store and seen these cuties looking at me I knew that I must purchase it.  I needed a new body Spray so my quest was solved. 

Bramley | Be Happy Be You | Body Spray & Roll On